giovedì 21 gennaio 2016

Jazz Fusion

Dear friends and listeners....“Doni Doni (literally Little by Little or Step by Step in the Malian language) reflects the way we built this record” Erik Truffaz Quartet first Album In 3 Years For The Quartet Led By Erik Truffaz, The Groundbreaking Trumpet Player Who Sold Over 600,000 Records Internationally.

Marc Erbetta, the band’s first and foremost drummer, left his seat to fresh and young blood embodied by Arthur Hnatek, a young musician who lived in New York and plays with cutting-edge artists like Tigran Hamasyan.

New inspiration and influences color the new album, taken from a rich and scenic collaboration with the South African dance company VUYANI.

Still standing at the frontier of jazz and instrumental pop, balancing between originality and accessibility the Erik Truffaz Quartet, faithful to a tradition established since many albums, invites two world renown and award-winning voices to this recording: Rokia Traoré and Oxmo Puccino.

The Malian singer will enchant three songs from her sweet and mysterious timbre, while French hip-hop giant and longtime friend and French collaborator (featured on the "Paris Tour" dvd) Oxmo Puccino, will add his creative and mesmerizing input on a title as well. Two diametrically opposed characters that the music of Erik Truffaz Quartet will merge and fuse. Another interesting work by Truffaz's renowed quartet HERE ...enjoy, zero
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